Thai peanut sauce noodles with Redstone Mango Nectar

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2014-11-09 19.40.20 2014-11-09 19.36.46Here’s a wonderful and easy mead-and-food pairing: pasta with Thai peanut sauce, paired with Redstone Meadery’s mango nectar. Lunch was literally these three items only: noodles. sauce from a jar. mead. Nothing else. Totally yummy. The lightness, sweetness, and fruitiness of the Redstone session mead pairs beautifully with the slightly-hot peanut sauce. Any jarred sauce would do. I used a local micro-product from Portland for the noodles: “Asian fusion” handmade pasta, allegedly flavored with ginger. If it was in there, it was overwhelmed by the peanut sauce. Any good-quality pasta would be fine. article about buying and drinking mead

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Lovely article about mead; too bad the only mead the author sampled was what I’d consider to be an extreme endpoint example, not even an American mead, and certainly not one of the very best ones out there. Too bad she didn’t visit Kookoolan Farms and Kookoolan World Meadery’s tasting room — now more than 150 different meads on the shelves from all over the country and all over the world, with more than 40 different meads open for tasting TODAY.